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Akudo Obute



Akudo Obute is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner who has a passion for medical aesthetics and working with clients to achieve a healthy, holistic aesthetics look and feel to enhance natural beauty. She is also committed to an enlightened approach to health and wellness.


Akudo Obute has completed specialized training in cosmetic injectables, specializing in neuromodulators, along with a variety of dermal fillers. Prior experiences include Cardiac IMU Nurse, assuming various roles to ensure the safety of patients. She worked closely with the cardiac team of physicians to help patients recover holistically and return to their prior level of functioning.


She takes pride in her aesthetic practice. She is authentic, an active listener, detail-oriented, and enthusiastic in aesthetics, giving her an edge in developing a holistic approach to help clients meet their needs.

Studio Aesthetics IV Hydration and Wellness serves as a platform for natural and non-invasive injectables treatments, and wellness. After working for years in the healthcare industry, Akudo desired a career path that offered the flexibility to extend the nurse-patient relationship beyond the bedside. Aesthetics gave her that opportunity and she dashed into it full heartedly.