Collagen regenerative treatment. Creates microscopic breaks just below the skin’s surface to produce collagen and elastin. See scars reduced, stretch marks faded, skin tone evened and tighter skin. A series of 4-6 sessions recommended for significantly improved results.

Signature Treatment

90 minutes


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What can I expect?

Tiny needles are set within a pen-shaped device allowing serums to be fully absorbed into the skin and stimulate collagen growth.

What are the results?

Microneedling fades stretch marks, reduces fine lines, evens skin tone, improves acne scars, and smooths skin texture.

How long does it last?

A single treatment can provide noticeable results, but a series of treatments is recommended to achieve best results.

Is it safe?

Yes completely safe! There is no risk of scarring to your skin. Your skin may appear pink or red for a short time after the treatment.

"Great experience will definitely be back"
– Brigitte